Of course, you want your home’s design to be just right. 

Must it be trendy? Perhaps. Styled to reflect your taste? Absolutely. Getting the design looking like an interior designer did it while staying within your budget is a big job. Sometimes, it takes a whole team to oversee the work on one small building. Not to mention, renovations and changes can take ages, if you’re doing it while you juggle a busy career and home life.

There’s also a common belief that interior designers are exclusively for the wealthy. In actual fact, interior designers, like most service providers, work around your budget. They ensure you get the very best value for your money, in the space you have. 

If you’re looking for a stress-free answer to getting a fabulous interior design, you’ll love these decorating insights from our interior design team.


Interior designer’s insight #1: Start with the end in mind

We all find pretty things and we buy them without considering how we’re going to use them. This idea leads to lots of beautiful items in the home, but they might not speak to each other well. Or, they don’t contribute to the overall look you’ve pursued, especially if you don’t have a clear idea in mind at the start. 

We feel, you should start with a clear idea of what your end result should be. Look at pictures, and only accumulate items that will build the end result. 


Interior designer’s insight #2: Know when to call your interior designer 

We’re always telling our clients and readers this, and we will keep telling them: Bring your interior designer in when you hire your architect (if it’s a new build). 

The whole idea is collaboration, to give you an end-result that functions as you need it to. If the interior designer comes in after the construction phase, they may find it challenging to give you the best value in the space you’ve got.


Interior designer’s insight #3: Hire a designer that’s affiliated with an industry-association, like the IID

The IID (the South African Institute of Interior Design) ensures that each member is vetted, very strictly. Interior designers belonging to this association are qualified, well-experienced, and highly capable. They’re also required to follow the industry’s best practices, ensuring clients have a positive working relationship with their designers. 


Interior designer’s insight #4: Interior designers charge a fair, affordable fee

We mentioned that interior designers work according to a budget, which you stipulate. Included in your budget, is your interior designer's fee. Your interior designer would typically charge you a percentage of the overall cost of the job. The cost involved in hiring an interior designer balances itself out as you save money on sourcing all your items and materials, handling contractors, and of course, you get the expertise that comes with a professional interior designer. That means you’re going to get it right the first time. 


Interior designer’s insight #5: See the end result before it begins

If you hire an interior designer, you will see 3D visuals of your plan, which includes every aspect of your design. These visuals allow you to see exactly what your end product will look like, so forget the worries of painting your walls a daring colour only to realise it clashes with the furniture. 

The 3D render gives you the opportunity to see what you’re getting before you get it, and to have your say and ensure everything, right down to the finest details, is exactly the way you want it (or better).


An interior designer knows how to design a space that flows well 

An interior designer understands how rooms need to flow. They’ve learned how to sculpt an interior so that your movement through the house feels smooth and effortless. Achieving that takes great attention to detail. 

But, what the interior designer brings to the table, is the ability to analyse your lifestyle and incorporate elements into your home that reflects who you are. Not only does this knowledge simplify your daily activities, it incorporates your story into your decor, reflecting your taste and style. 

Interior designers are used to dealing with tricky situations on a daily basis, challenges are always welcome. 

If you’re looking for an interior designer to make your dream interior space a reality, contact Redesign Interiors, we’ll tell your story, and we’ll make it magical. 



All you want is for your home to reflect who you are, beautifully. But you also want to be on trend. How do all the industry professionals know what’s big, how to do it, and where to get it? 

Interior design firms have whole departments dedicated to sourcing materials. It’s not easy to stay on top of an industry that’s constantly changing. The best way to stay up to date is to use social media to see what the professionals are doing, attend the expos, and read the blogs on the latest palette predictions and trends. There’s another great way to stay in the loop. Read on to learn more. 



A young couple bought a house. 

They were quite particular about their house when they went house hunting. They wanted a home with 4 bedrooms. One of the bedrooms needs to have its own access from outside. They also wanted en-suite bathrooms in as many rooms as possible. The couple loves having visitors over, especially because they love to cook.

They finally find that magical building that resonates with them, it's beautiful. It overlooks a valley and the large windows are enchanting.

Once they move in, it becomes clear that parts of the house don’t work well with their lifestyle. There’s no room for the gas cylinder that powers their gas stove. The pool is turning out to be an expensive luxury that no one uses. The couple that loved to cook together, are finding it difficult in the small kitchen. It's beautiful, but not equipped to facilitate their culinary skills. 


Do you remember that childhood feeling? The tingling in your toes, the build-up in your chest... You could almost scream from excitement as you countdown to your birthday.

Not only do you get presents, but you also get to mark the milestone of another year.

As kids, we all felt excited about getting older. It means we’re more advanced, experienced, we’ve progressed.

That’s exactly where we’re at.. 


Learning there’s a difference between good and great happens early in life. Being given a chocolate is good, being given a chocolate cake is great. 

Differentiating between good and great becomes a little tricky as you get older, especially because the rules of the game change. 


Can you believe it? We are another month closer to the big birthday, which brings us another month of celebrations. Redesign turns 7 this year, woohoo! We’re bringing you a new artist of the month, Warwick Locke, aaaand… we’re giving away a free gift that’s related to architectural photography to one of our followers, because you’re the best. 


So, you’re embarking on the exciting journey of a new build and you want a house that flows. It should bring beauty and purpose together. You want a house that entices your brain into firing all sorts of happy neurons when you look at it. A home that's beautiful but not functional gives you an ornamental house. You can't use it. or truly live in it.


We’re into the third leg of our 7-part series! This means we are also one month closer to celebrating our birthday - eeek! Time is going so quickly. Redesign Interiors has come such a wonderfully long way from our roots to where we are now as born and bred Durban artists. We want to celebrate with everyone who has been part of the journey we’ve enjoyed so far and we look forward to continuing onwards and upwards with all of you. 

Local, lekker, Durban artist Bron Stofberg 

This month, we would like to talk about the inspiring work of Bron Stofberg. Redesign Interiors is always thrilled to bring new artists into the light, but Bron needs almost no introduction. Her work supports the peace and calm that is so tangible in her personality, while it loudly reverberates elements of quirky and eccentricity, with a slight offset appeal. As you know, Redesign interiors loves the unusual, the Mavericks, those bringing something new to the table. We’ve used some of Bron’s work to add that extra unique touch to some of the more classic styles we’ve created in our projects. Like we always say, classic is wonderful, but there has to be something a little crazy in there to make it truly yours. 


“We have art so that we shall not die of reality” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Welcome to part 2 of our 7-month birthday celebration! 


As you all know, Redesign Interiors turns 7 this year which means we’re celebrating for 7 months! To thank everyone for sharing this journey with us, we’re inviting you to share in the festivities. We’re shining the spotlight on an artist of our choice who has inspired us, worked with us, or is making a difference in the creative world, every month, because there is nothing like celebrating creativity. We’re lucky enough to be able to give away a prize, donated by the artist of the month, every single month for 7 months! Woohoo! 

We’re very happy to present to you an artist who is local and still fairly undiscovered. Enjoy the work of Rowena Gilpin while we bring you all the interesting info on her! 

Rowena is a local artist, born and raised in Durban, South Africa. Painting and sculpting have been an important part of her life since she can remember, with a fondness for colour and texture forming around her creativity.



Welcome to the first edition of our 7-part series. To celebrate our 7th Birthday in July 2018, we relish all things local. Each month we will shine the spotlight on a local talent that has added to, or inspired the local industry in some way. This month, we are rolling up our sleeves and donning something artistic but also, slightly, rebellious. Redesign Interiors loves the Mavericks, the eccentrics, the gems that are making magic happen! This month we chat with Giffy, a local street artist. 


“Good order is the foundation of all things”

-Edmund Burke

Speaking of foundations and good order, the order in which you approach your team when you’re building a house is very important. The best time to involve your interior designer is not once your house and its finishes are all built, it is before you break ground, pre-foundation stage. Your architect should work hand-in-hand with your interior designer for the best possible results. Your architect will manage the build from foundation until the concrete shell is completed and the roof is on. At that point your designer will come in and manage the finishes. 


Using wallpaper is a way to capture individuality in your decor. It comes with a variety of benefits, especially with the way technology has changed. It is easier to apply than ever before, its lifespan is three-fold that of wall paint, and it is more resistant to dents, scratches and bumps. The wallpaper designed by Redesign Interiors is washable and reusable, meaning you can remove it and apply it to a different area, where it will adhere perfectly and continue to serve your space, as if it’s brand new. It means fewer touch-ups and the chance of walking into someone else’s home to find the exact same wallpaper, used in the exact same manner, is unlikely. As for paint? Well, that will require a bit of work to create something eccentric and unique.


“Depending on the context, colour can convey meaning, often more effectively than words”  

2018 will be the year for self-expression, and Pantone is rising to the occasion and providing a far wider spectrum to choose from, embracing individuality and purpose in colour. The sense of renewed vigor in the fashion industry, both in interior design and fashion, indicate greater confidence and optimism, a great triumph for those who love the bright and the bold. 

Words like shiny, pearlescent, glossy and iridescent come to mind, with the new neutral being metallic. The human eye is naturally drawn to the lustrous sheen of metallics, which in turn creates a backdrop for bright blasts of colour. 


The Zeitz Museum in Cape Town is seriously shaking things up! Talk about abandoning the status quo! They’ve created a truly authentic vibe for every art guru to relish in. The old Grain Silo Complex at the V&A Waterfront has been reimagined as a fantastic art museum.

All of the roughness its age and history has given it is perfectly preserved and incorporated into the design. This not-for-profit museum also exhibits, preserves and collects contemporary, twenty-first-century art pieces.


Redesign Interiors have been busy and industrious! One of the exciting projects keeping us on our toes is House B in La Lucia. The client wants this double story house to be contemporary, light, and lovely, as a beach house should be. We recently poured the slab, which means progress! Watch this space, we’re creating a beach-house paradise.


Calling interior designers, decorators, and industry suppliers to join us for an evening of creativity and networking in the interior design industry! Join our very own Paige Waplington, the KZN representative of the IID! 


Speaking of news, we’re not divulging any secrets quite YET, but #watchthisspace, we have something awesome and exciting up our sleeves. In the meantime, pop over to our website and get style-inspired.

Redesign Interiors held an exciting competition at 100% Design over the weekend of 9 - 13 August 2017, for one lucky individual to win their choice of R15000 worth of our exclusive Oh So SA wallpaper! And we have selected a winner. Drum roll, please… 


On 9 - 13 August 2017 100% Design South Africa took place in the sunny city of Joburg. 100% design is the largest curated exhibition platform for sourcing home-grown and high-end contemporary design from around our lovely continent! Redesign Interiors took this opportunity to inspire with our own eye-catching designs, setting up shop at the Gallagher Convention Centre - where 100% Design took place. 


If you haven’t heard of The Loeries, where have you been? The Loeries are Africa and the Middle East’s premiere initiative and awards ceremony that recognises, inspires and fosters creative excellence in the brand communication industry.


Redesign Interiors is loving lodge design at the moment and we’ve been keeping our eyes out for beautifully designed interiors around the globe. One that caught our eyes is the Singita Ebony Lodge, located in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa.



Have you heard of the IID? The IID or the African Institute of the Interior Design Professions is a professional body who represents the creatives from the Interior Design industry across South Africa, from Durban to Cape Town.

Dedicated to establishing, promoting and maintaining expertise, professionalism, sound business practice and high standards throughout the industry this is the institute that supports the lovers of design - those who aim to make the world a more beautiful place.

Redesign Interiors’ very own Paige Waplington is this institute’s leading representative for KZN, making design waves (and patterns) in her industry.

Coming up on 27 July 2017, is the Institute’s much-anticipated event! It’s all happening in Durban’s hub of creativity - Romo Showroom on Florida Road.


Just love beautiful, local design? Taking place from the 9 - 13 August 2017 is 100% Design South Africa, the largest curated exhibition platform for sourcing home-grown and high-end contemporary design from around our lovely continent! Redesign Interiors is going to be at this coveted event, so pop into Hall 1, in Gallagher Convention Centre, Joburg to inspire your soul with eye-catching design.


You should know that we just love beautiful spaces by now! That is why Redesign Interiors has decided to lovely up another space in our Durban space - we have moved! You will find us and our inspiring interiors decorating the walls of Westville Junction Mall, Shop 23, from August.


It’s cozy. It’s inviting. And it’s a toasty hot interior design trend right now! Faux fur adds a more snug feel to any neat and tidy space. Mix up your overly modern space with a little faux fur throw, inviting people to actually sit down and get comfy. You want something sumptuous and luxurious to elevate your home - and it can come from something as simple as a pillow, rug or throw.


Patterns, patterns, patterns! We love bold markings on the walls - and floors - especially in a place as unexpected as a bathroom. Recently we completed a bathroom renovation for House Bailey, based in the sunny town of Glenwood. 


A home is not only a house to live in, it is a place to increase our mental space and gives off hints of our identity. Why not incorporate Vastu Shastra into your home, to keep your humble abode filled with happiness and good health? Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of harmony and prosperous living - done by getting rid of those negative energies and enhancing, embracing and creating nothing but good vibes.


Although Father’s Day has come and gone, we are still celebrating all things masculine and manly during this month of MAN! Here are some tips on how to design a man cave made of magic. The “man cave” - a place set aside to pursue his interests - can be an office, study, basement, or whatever. It simply needs to be a place for a man to relax and enjoy himself. There is no need to be a fan of feng shui to know your surroundings have an effect on your mood. A simple design can feel relaxed, homey and rugged.




We are busy with a fun little project in a corporate office space - a ‘pause’ room where employees go to chill and take some time out from their hectic schedules. We have completed the design of this area and will hopefully be installing it soon. This room needs to be fun, different and super relaxing for employees to really get a break during the day. The company boasts a clientele of 6000, so we took this number and decided to design this pause room with 6000 different elements.




We had the privilege of working with the Ethekweni Hospital and Heart Centre in designing various rooms in their beautiful hospital. From reception areas to a dining room for the cardiologists, each space has a unique touch and different element to it, while at the same time sticking to a universal colour scheme of purples, reds, mauves and blues, creating a warm and inviting environment for each room.



We are working on a fun new domestic project that involves waves, waves and more waves. This house in Umhlanga overlooks the ocean from pretty much everywhere in the house and it is just the most exquisite view.


Yay for a new team mate! Zama is new to the Redesign family and we are so stoked to have her on board. Zama is a young and vibrant artist who loves all things creative. This is what Zama has to say about herself: “From a very young age, I was exposed to and involved in various creative projects. I’m a qualified Fine Artist - I majored in painting and sculpture and have a love for structure and form. I have an interest in product design - the sculptural element of contemporary furniture design inspires me. I have a deep love for Art History and am influenced by artists and architects like Salvador Dali, Henry Moore, Mies Van Der Rohe and Le Corbusier. I have a deep passion for business.” Welcome to the team Zama, we can’t wait to get creating with you!

There ain’t nothing like a birthday. They are fun and full of festivities. Birthdays are also a good time to reflect on the previous year and what was good or bad about it. With Paige celebrating her birthday this month, she took some time to think back on 2016 and what an awesome year it was. Paige says she feels totally blessed by her team and the ‘job’ she does daily.

“The Redesign Team have out performed themselves and designed some amazing interiors and we have had a lot of fun too. We achieved some great goals and I am super excited for the next year! Now where is my cake?”


March is such a fantastic month - it’s the beginning of the Autumn months, when change begins to take place all around us. Change is great, we should all embrace it. Autumn is a time to reinvent yourself, or your home. Sometimes reinventing your home, results in reinventing yourself. Put in a little bit of effort and these two things can both be achieved, and soon you will feel like Michael Jackson on stage.

Here are two little nuggets of advice to change up your home this Autumn:


We love colour. No, wait, we LOVE colour! We believe that colour can change your world. We are going to change our world by painting a bright pink wall in our office - come check it out!



Rugs! Rugs are fabulous for pulling together a room. They help to set the tone of a space, especially in an open plan room, and are great for pulling together a colour scheme for that room. Remember to always place a rug just in front of or underneath couches in a room. A rug that is too small makes the area look disjointed. Runner rugs are great for bedrooms to place next to each side of the bed - they will keep your feet warm on uncarpeted floors and can add fabulous colour. Check out theses cool rugs we found - if you are interested in any, gives a shout and we will hook you up.

We love February. Not only because of the fantastic weather that we are blessed with here in Durbs, but also because we get to add a little spice to our own spaces and fill them with hearts and all things lovely. February is also Meghan’s birthday month, and what’s not to love about Meghan?

Happy Birthday Meghan! We love having you as part of the Redesign Interiors team, and we are so proud of everything that you have achieved in the last year. You have been an asset to this business and we can’t wait to see all the crazy, cool designs you are going to whip out this year.

 Have the most rockin’ day and we hope you are spoiled beyond reason - you deserve it!




How to make your interior love YOU!

It’s not just us humans that need some lovin’ this month. Everyone and everything deserves love, even your interior. There’s no better way to make your interior love you than by giving it a makeover. Love your interior again by painting a feature wall with a new lick of paint; buy those cushions you have been eyeing out for ages; or purchase that artwork that’s been on your wishlist for who knows how long.


The client wanted us to create them a sophisticated, beautiful and colourful home that husband and wife and their four daughters could live in and love. Of course with the word 'colourful' thrown in, our minds went gaga and we got stuck in immediately.


We painted all the walls in the house, gorgeous pastel shades of blue, green, purple and pink, which we love! Glam tan leather couches and frosted white chandeliers add elegance and glamour to this home. The girls' bedrooms were fun to work on, with black and white stripes teamed with bunches of roses as the main wall feature in the one room and a pastel play with geometry in the other girls' room.


Colours, glorious colours! They are going to be all over the place this year - which makes us super duper excited! Neutral interiors? That’s a big no, no! Go bold, go colourful or go home (literally). We want to see more blush and sage combos. The desire to create something unique, different and innovative is a hot trend right now, so go wild! It’s all about designing for the individual and not around what is fashionable. So, so exciting!



We are completely in love with the new colour palette for 2017! It is about time that it features such incredibly bright colours - just what we love!


We are so excited to start off 2017! 2016 was such a thrill and we look forward to continuing the ride. We have some great work lined up this year and we can’t wait to get stuck in!

To start the year off, we will be working on two new impressive home builds in Umhlanga; a lovely retail space in the Ballito Junction and some beautiful home renovations! How exciting to start the year with so many fabulous projects! 2017 will also see the installation of our hotel design - woohoo - we cannot wait to see the outcome!


Want in on some of our designer secrets?

We will be sharing a top design tip per month, so be sure to tune in monthly for some design inspo and insider trading secrets. Don’t miss out!

January Design Secret:


We had such fun working with the Classique Braai team, their vibe is amazing and it translates beautifully in the restaurant. Working within a modest budget, we installed a gorgeous timber bar, with brass, mirror and white accents.

The wallpapers and colours in the restaurant add to the ambiance and create an inviting space to dine in. Lighting played a huge part too - the combination of chandeliers and dropped wire pendants helps set the mood for a fabulous dining experience. 

We treated ourselves to a lunch and the food was amazing, so if you haven’t been yet please go spoil yourself!