We are busy with a fun little project in a corporate office space - a ‘pause’ room where employees go to chill and take some time out from their hectic schedules. We have completed the design of this area and will hopefully be installing it soon. This room needs to be fun, different and super relaxing for employees to really get a break during the day. The company boasts a clientele of 6000, so we took this number and decided to design this pause room with 6000 different elements.



We are working on a fun new domestic project that involves waves, waves and more waves. This house in Umhlanga overlooks the ocean from pretty much everywhere in the house and it is just the most exquisite view.



Rugs! Rugs are fabulous for pulling together a room. They help to set the tone of a space, especially in an open plan room, and are great for pulling together a colour scheme for that room. Remember to always place a rug just in front of or underneath couches in a room. A rug that is too small makes the area look disjointed. Runner rugs are great for bedrooms to place next to each side of the bed - they will keep your feet warm on uncarpeted floors and can add fabulous colour. Check out theses cool rugs we found - if you are interested in any, gives a shout and we will hook you up.

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