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March is such a fantastic month - it’s the beginning of the Autumn months, when change begins to take place all around us. Change is great, we should all embrace it. Autumn is a time to reinvent yourself, or your home. Sometimes reinventing your home, results in reinventing yourself. Put in a little bit of effort and these two things can both be achieved, and soon you will feel like Michael Jackson on stage.

Here are two little nuggets of advice to change up your home this Autumn:


We love colour. No, wait, we LOVE colour! We believe that colour can change your world. We are going to change our world by painting a bright pink wall in our office - come check it out!


Colours, glorious colours! They are going to be all over the place this year - which makes us super duper excited! Neutral interiors? That’s a big no, no! Go bold, go colourful or go home (literally). We want to see more blush and sage combos. The desire to create something unique, different and innovative is a hot trend right now, so go wild! It’s all about designing for the individual and not around what is fashionable. So, so exciting!



We are completely in love with the new colour palette for 2017! It is about time that it features such incredibly bright colours - just what we love!