Colour Forecast - 2017


We are completely in love with the new colour palette for 2017! It is about time that it features such incredibly bright colours - just what we love!

Colour can make or break a room. It can turn a somewhat boring space into one that is alive with personality.

Look at the image below with the different coloured arches - how beautiful right? LOVE it!







Painting a bright colour in your home can be a daunting task for the not-so-brave. But why not try this. The next time you are watching your favourite TV series, look at the background colours - you will notice that there are always beautifully painted walls or feature walls that showcase a gorge colour. Colour is fun and inviting, try it!



Now because we are so trendy and ahead of the curve, we have already installed a blush and Niagara interior this year, in Zimbali - just call us the trendsetters ;)

See images of House Ramchurran below - doesn’t it look amaze?



We can’t wait to add more pops of colour into our designs - 2017 is going to be fun and colourful! If you love colour as much as we do, but have no clue how to use it in your space - give us a shout and we will sort you out!