We wish all our clients, suppliers, followers, friends and family a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Let's hope you have all behaved well enough to receive everything on your Christmas wish list and if not - well then we hope it was worth it!

Please note: We will be closed from the 15th of December until the 10th of January. We look forward to working with you in the new year!

The Redesign team has put together their own Christmas wish lists - if it were up to me, they would get everything on their lists as they have been super amazing! It has been totally fabulous to work with such gorgeous ladies inside and out! How lucky am I? Thank you, ladies, for the awesome year and your continued support, I can't wait for next years glorious victories!


Have a look at our Chrissy wish lists below:




  1. Who doesn’t love a well-chilled bottle of bubbly? I just adore these ice bowls to keep your favourite bottle of champers cold on those warm summer days.

  2. A picture speaks a thousand words. What better way to share those special memories of your loved ones, than with a beautiful photo wall? It looks so gorge!

  3. These shoes are made for walking. I defs want to walk the streets these hols with a trendy pair of Superga’s - what a pretty colour right?








  1. It's a delicious affair: This delicious monster jewellery range by Rollin Vintage can make any girl feel like a princess! 100% local; 100% design! Absolutely Love it!

  2. Dreamlike Beaches: Why not create a home that makes you feel like you’re on holiday 24/7? These beautiful archival inkjet prints face mounted to plexiglass, by Joshua Jensen-Nagle make my heart happy - one day, when I’m a big girl!

  3. A Copper Christmas: Cook your Christmas lunch in style with these beautiful Scanlan-Maitre-D-Copper pots from Woolies! Absolutely gorgeous!





  1. I like to feel comfortable and with these beautiful Vans, I can be both comfy and super stylish.

  2. I have had my eye on this Marshall speaker for over a year. It’s adorbs. Beautiful brass and leather design and the sound is pretty good too.

  3. Oh my gosh, I just love apple! They are super innovative and everything is so beautifully designed. These Airpods are definitely on my wish list!





We would like to give a big shout out to all our suppliers. We honestly have some super wonderful suppliers who work their butts off to ensure our clients are always happy - THANK YOU guys, you are awesome.


Team Party

The Redesign team had a little Christmas celebration with some of our suppliers. We went to the Talkhouse Cafe in Westville for an art night, where we all got to paint our own canvas. Check it out!


We had such fun working with the Classique Braai team, their vibe is amazing and it translates beautifully in the restaurant. Working within a modest budget, we installed a gorgeous timber bar, with brass, mirror and white accents.

The wallpapers and colours in the restaurant add to the ambiance and create an inviting space to dine in. Lighting played a huge part too - the combination of chandeliers and dropped wire pendants helps set the mood for a fabulous dining experience. 

We treated ourselves to a lunch and the food was amazing, so if you haven’t been yet please go spoil yourself!



Colour Forecast - 2017


We are completely in love with the new colour palette for 2017! It is about time that it features such incredibly bright colours - just what we love!

Colour can make or break a room. It can turn a somewhat boring space into one that is alive with personality.

Look at the image below with the different coloured arches - how beautiful right? LOVE it!







Painting a bright colour in your home can be a daunting task for the not-so-brave. But why not try this. The next time you are watching your favourite TV series, look at the background colours - you will notice that there are always beautifully painted walls or feature walls that showcase a gorge colour. Colour is fun and inviting, try it!



Now because we are so trendy and ahead of the curve, we have already installed a blush and Niagara interior this year, in Zimbali - just call us the trendsetters ;)

See images of House Ramchurran below - doesn’t it look amaze?



We can’t wait to add more pops of colour into our designs - 2017 is going to be fun and colourful! If you love colour as much as we do, but have no clue how to use it in your space - give us a shout and we will sort you out!



Making Durban Cool


If you haven't already heard, there is a brand new city being developed on the shores of Durbs. This development, known as the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, is the brainchild of Tongaat Hulett Developments, the property development arm of Tongaat Hulett.

It is so exciting that the property industry in Durbs is booming in such a fantastic way! It must be our sunny beaches (well maybe not this year - rain for days!) and the super chilled vibes that attract the masses. Not only will this development create new jobs, but it will bring innovative design to Durban, and a chance for all us fancy designers to have some fun. Iyer architects have done an amazing job - we love the look and feel of the place already. We just can't wait to find out more about the development.

To read more about the project and to see some of the visionaries behind the thinking, click here. (http://businesstech.co.za/news/finance/142427/a-look-at-the-r50-billion-city-being-developed-in-kwazulu-natal/)



Plan ahead for 2017

2016 may be nearly over (where has this year gone?), but one thing we love more than design is a good old plan of action for the future. Now is the time to start dreaming, planning and sorting your ideas for 2017 reno's and new buildings and designs. Get the ball rolling now, so that there is plenty of time to have it done in the new year. Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss all of your incredible ideas so we can blend them together with our ideas to create a masterpiece.


This was an extremely exciting project to work on. We had some very definite guidelines to follow, but were also given creative license, and had lots of fun with all the different elements!

The clients’ personality shines through in every room; with strong over the top features making each area unique. The library/entrance foyer in particular, portrays the clients’ love for books, words and reading. We turned an ordinary bookshelf into an eye-catching colour palette of beautiful literature. Oversized turquoise glasses, offset on a purple wall, shout vibrancy in this space and again bring out the clients’ love of reading. 





There is no such thing as a ‘humans only’ space in this home – dogs have just as much rule as anyone else. This doggy love is beautifully portrayed through black vinyls on the wall – a simple, yet dynamic feature.





Dining room areas are the perfect place to elaborate on your unique style, as there is generally a larger space to play with and more key elements, such as lighting. For this client we kept a bold approach, with statement over the top pieces such as the oversized dining chairs and splashes of bright colours on the other chairs. The unique lighting feature pops out beautifully against the dark ceilings and walls, giving a contrasting ambience of dark and light.




For the lounge area, we went for a very modern clean-cut approach, with the bold royal blue wall making a statement. There are various unique features that make this space interesting and appealing, such as the patterned couch with pops of pink and purple, as well the different lighting and side table features that are all distinct in their own way.






Over the top (OTT) features are a hugely popular way of shouting your signature style and uniqueness. An OTT feature should highlight boldly, something that you want people to know about you. For example, if your deep love is komodo dragons and your favourite colour is cerise pink, then have a giant pink Komodo dragon chair sculpted for your lounge area! OTT is all about being creative and having fun with what you love.





This is a concept board that we did for an upcoming main bedroom design. We have gone for an oriental feel with clean, simple lines and the use of natural elements found in the wood and copper finishes. The red plum blossom images and vibrant colouring throughout the bedroom, makes it an eye-catching and welcoming space to live in. 






We offer a full turnkey service when undergoing renovations. From floor to ceiling and everything in between, we ensure that your renovation process is a hassle-free, pleasant experience. We work with a group of amazing contractors, including builders, plumbers, electricians, shop-fitters and soft finishers that have all worked closely together on many projects and have a great working relationship. Whether we are starting at the drawing board with conceptual thinking and design, building from ground level or simply adding some elegant finishing touches to your home, we will do a complete project, ensuring the job gets done efficiently and effectively. No obstacle is too big - our team of experts will work together to overcome any bump in the road.