We have been working our fingers to the bone as a team over the last few months, and will continue to do so until at least the end of the year, on an exquisite new hotel in Rwanda.

 The hotel, which is situated in the small, yet beautiful east African country of Rwanda, is no small feat, as we turn our 3D renders into reality, to create a unique and gasp-worthy getaway in this lavish land.

The hotel is set to wow guests with its 4-star quality, consisting of 72 rooms in total with a modern and contemporary look from corner to corner. Each floor will have its own unique feel to it with natural themes such as forests, lakes, patterns and skies running through the hotel.

hotel shell in rwanda
The unfinished hotel shell.


With the deadline being the end of this year, we are under huge amounts of pressure to get this project complete and perfect - but like anything in life, the more pressure, the better the results, and we are loving every minute of it. The entire Redesign team along with Roko Construction are on board with this project, working hard to get it done.


interior design of hotel restaurant
Hotel restaurant concept renders


We went for a very bright and geometric feel for the hotel, incorporating the earthy elements into every room - we wanted to bring the subtropical climate of Rwanda into the design, with its flowing lakes and rivers and mountainous beauty. The hotel is really going to be a true African paradise, providing guests with luxury and pristine accommodation. Each part of the hotel has been carefully thought out and planned, and we can't wait to show you the final images once it is complete. Stay tuned . . .


atrium design of hotel in rwanda
Hotel atrium concept renders


interior design of bedroom suite for hotel in rwanda
Hotel bedroom suite concept renders.

The month of May was an exciting time for Redesign Interiors, as it saw us hopping on an aeroplane for the much anticipated Index Dubai.

 Index Dubai takes place annually at the Dubai World Trade Centre, with exhibitors from all over the world setting up stands to display what their country has to showcase. It is the region's number one interior design exhibition, with some of the country’s elite attending this event. 

 We decided to portray contemporary South African culture through our stand, incorporating some beautiful pieces, unique to SA. Space was extremely limited, as was the time that we had to install, so we needed to be clever with the selection of items we sent over. Everything had to fit in a 50 x 50 x 50cm box and effectiveness was a must. Vinyl’s, lighting, bright pink flamingos and copper decor seemed like the obvious choices! We love the delicious monster leaf (available in most South African gardens) - the colour and shape of it is gorgeous, which made it an easy choice for decorating the walls of our stand.

 A local craftsman in Hillcrest makes these divine bright pink flamingos, which I had to have - they turned out to be a great attention grabber for visitors. The lighting section was a super easy and effective way of adding light - made from steel brackets and bulbs on wire, it was just the thing needed to add ambience to the stand.

 If any of you have seen our previous stands, you will recognise the wooden cut outs and copper decor that we adore!

It was a huge honour to be a part of such a magnificent event, and such a great experience and learning curve for Redesign Interiors. The calibre of design and the scope of work that is spoken about in Dubai is mind blowing. Everything needs to be bigger and better than before and there doesn't seem to be a limit to the budget. 

 The show was abuzz with thousands of people, and incredible designs from all over the world. It wasn’t possible to visit each and every stand, because of the enormity of the show, however, we were able to view and photograph some of the work. We met great people from all over the world and saw some amazing stands! It is exhilarating being exposed to such awesome design.  

Some of the amazing stands that were on display include: Adjao from France, Sentient from New York, Almarge from UAE and Zendi from Morocco, to name just a few! All had amazing work and products!

 We hope to be able to visit Index Dubai again next year, for more incredible experiences and inspiration. 




In September, we will be heading to Milan for the HOMI Lifestyle Trade Fair, and we are so very excited for what this has to offer. Keep an eye on your inboxes and our Facebook page for more feedback on the Fair.