A couple of months ago, we spoke about House Beagle, a project we were working on. We have since completed this home makeover, and we are so excited to share it with you!

House Beagle has been an ongoing project for a number of months now, and it’s so fantastic to see how it has finally come together, with every room unique and eye-catching in its own way. Our latest additions to the House Beagle project were the bedrooms and bathrooms. The idea was to transform the rest of the home as we did with the library and living room areas. We stuck with the quirky theme, bringing the owners colourful personality into every room.

??Colour, variation and fun were the name of the game with this project. We included gorgeous pops of colour in all rooms, such as the vibrant pink wall in the main bathroom and fun prints on the bedroom walls and in the curtains.?

?One of our favourite features of the main bedroom is the revamped cupboards with powder coated black aluminium frames and frosted glass. They are the key focus of the space, and portray elegance and simplicity.?

?It is not necessary to always buy new – often, just subtle changes to walls and furniture that you already own, can make a huge difference to your look. We did this with the one wall in the bedroom, by removing the plaster and exposing the brick, and painting over it with an off-white paint finish. It came out beautifully. ?

* All images were happily snapped on a smartphone - we will show you some professional shots soon.





Garden and Home Feature

We were so excited to receive a call from Candice at the Garden and Home magazine a couple of months ago. Candice was doing a bathroom feature and wanted to know if we had done anything that would suit the theme. Of course we leaped at the opportunity, showing her the recent bathroom we did for House Brooks, which she loved. Here are some images of the bathroom that was featured – we are honoured to have been a part of this.