We are in the middle of spring and loving everything about it. Spring has a way of bringing new life, colour and joy to everything and everyone around - just like us here at Redesign Interiors :)  

Why not add some spring to your home and surrounds, with some simple yet effective ideas. We planted some gorge spring flowers right outside our office window for a colourful view and we are loving them!


You can easily add a bit of spring colour to your home, by adding some beautiful new floral cushions to your lounge, or adding a stripe down/across your curtains. You could even get super adventurous by painting a bright feature wall in your home. Get creative, colourful and clever for some quick and cost effective ways to add some springyness!




House Naidoo 


This home was an absolute dream to work on. We had so much space to work with and room for the creative juices to flow. The finishes came out superb and the designs came together like a dream, to create an amazeballs interior. We were like kids in a candy store with all the ceiling and lighting designs that we got to work on - they really give such a glam finish don’t you think? The laser cut copper and white ceiling in the open plan kitchen and dining room has got to be one of our favourites - the backlit marble on the wall really adds some pizazz. The combination of sleek nieman board and solid kiaat in the kitchen pull together a contemporary yet warm design. And oh golly, the view! It is to die for. We can’t take credit for that, but it is just the most perfect finish to this gorgeous home - making it one for the books.

Thanks to the Naidoo fam for entrusting us with your home makeover and for allowing us to use our crazy creativity to build your gorgeous home into this masterpiece.