Jewellery Store, Ballito Junction


We are all crazy about the sparkle here at Redesign, so you can imagine our excitement when we were asked to work on a jewellery store concept, full of all things sparkly and glamorous. 

This timeless, beautiful and oh-so-glam interior was an absolute dream to design. We were given the freedom to be creative and spectacular all at once. From show-stopping brass light fittings to light up the display areas, to floating glass boxes for displaying the one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces - this interior is dressed to impress. 

The clean, simple design throughout the store, gives it a sophisticated and glittering look - we love it! 

What are your thoughts on this jewellery store concept? Send us your feedback.

Watch here for a visual representation of the store.  (Link:





Retail Space: Why use an interior designer?

Looking for a killer interior to draw in the masses? This is no easy feat - you need an interior designer to help make your space, WOW!

Making a store pop is more than just its beauty and how enticing it looks. It is about the story -  who you are and what your brand stands for, in order to make it unique and different from every other store around it. Your branding should talk to each other, to create a brand culture that is definitive of who you are, and says to the customer, “Welcome, please come in!” 

While the beautifying part of the store is the most exciting - we also consider the mechanics of a store when planning the layout and design. For instance, do you want your shoppers to head straight to the back of the store to view your most prized goods or do you want a gorgeous display case at the entrance of the store, to draw them in from the street? Do you keep small, expensive pieces needing to be tucked away from quick fingers or have large custom items, which need to be displayed perfectly? Do you want your shoppers to enjoy an intimate experience in your store, or be able to host large groups of people shopping together? 

Questions, questions, questions - all of which we can help and guide you through, to create you a space that is perfect for your requirements. We will help you to firstly ask the right questions and then to answer them with the best solutions. 

Once the design and planning phase has been completed, we will assist in the implementation - managing and installing your beautiful interior. We take care of the stress, while you get stuck into the nitty gritty (i.e. buying stock, hiring and training staff and argh, dealing with the landlord!). Our talented team of creatives consists of architects, shop fitters, painters and tilers, electricians and plumbers. Your one stop shop if you will. Working with us is easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!



Being a lover of all design things I can't help but search other amazing designers. The thing I love most about it is that designers are so diverse. Just check out these two below,

from their portfolios you would never term this as a 'rubber stamp'. I just love it. And I just love these two interiors. One is a super modern corporate office and the other classic colourful quirky home! Go google them and absorb in all the creative beauty. There is so much more to evoke your design love!


international designer joan behnkeOrganic shapes and textures with a monochrome colour palette, beautiful.

Check out






Gorgeous colours on a white canvas. I just love it!

Check out for more.

We recently completed an office layout in Westway Park, and are so thrilled with how it turned out. The initial concept board saw us designing with some different colour variations to the final outcome, but the finished installation looked amazing regardless.

Offices are always a challenge to design, as they need to look unique, trendy and sophisticated without going over the top with the furniture. They are also fun to design, because they allow us to be more creative with eye-catching pieces that bring vibrancy to an otherwise dull space.

 For these offices, we went with very neutral colours and clean, open spaces to accentuate the subtle, yet unique design concepts.


 Have a look at our original concept board below. 





Can you believe that Christmas bells are just around the corner? The wind down has almost begun, and it’s time to get stuff done before the holidays set in. If you are wanting to revamp your spot for the Christmas holidays, and impress those long lost cousins of yours, now is the time.

Our projects board is filling up quickly as people prepare for the holiday season, so if you would like to book us, please get in touch. Last orders will be taken in October for the Christmas period, and we do not want to disappoint, so please ensure timely orders are placed. We look forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait to revamp and brighten up your space!