New Beginnings

We are so excited to start off 2017! 2016 was such a thrill and we look forward to continuing the ride. We have some great work lined up this year and we can’t wait to get stuck in!

To start the year off, we will be working on two new impressive home builds in Umhlanga; a lovely retail space in the Ballito Junction and some beautiful home renovations! How exciting to start the year with so many fabulous projects! 2017 will also see the installation of our hotel design - woohoo - we cannot wait to see the outcome!

Let 2017 be your year! Do those long overdue renovations - you deserve it! Planning on building a new home or opening your first retail store? We’ve got the experience, been through the process and know how to deal with the ins and outs of building and decorating - so why not let us do the hard work for you?

Plan, plan, plan. Even if you don’t intend on starting until mid-year, you need to have a plan of action on how you are going to achieve your decor goals. We are more than happy to assist you with the planning process (which can sometimes be trickier than the actual work). We will help you with all the details, such as the length of the design process; what budget to aim for; who your builders are or which ones to use; who your architect is or who to use. Luckily we have all the answers!




House M in Glenmore

The client wanted us to create them a sophisticated, beautiful and colourful home that husband and wife and their four daughters could live in and love. Of course with the word 'colourful' thrown in, our minds went gaga and we got stuck in immediately.


We painted all the walls in the house, gorgeous pastel shades of blue, green, purple and pink, which we love! Glam tan leather couches and frosted white chandeliers add elegance and glamour to this home. The girls' bedrooms were fun to work on, with black and white stripes teamed with bunches of roses as the main wall feature in the one room and a pastel play with geometry in the other girls' room.

The main fixture in the bathroom is a beautiful custom-made turquoise vanity with antique mirror and copper pendant - this is one of our favourite features in the house!

We loved working on this project and the client was super chuffed too. On the day of completion, we did a big reveal for all the girls and their mom, and all of them walked around their spruced up new home, oohing and aahing with a mix of delighted squeals. This was awesome for us to see and made the project that much better!



Budget Planning

This can be an extremely daunting task. From our experience, we find that the best way to budget is to decide on a figure you want to spend and then work backwards. You need to make sure you budget for absolutely everything - from the design to the contractors, to the finishes (floor tiles/solid wood etc.), to the furniture you want to be installed - every detail is critical so that you are not disappointed when you run out of budget at the end of the day. Once you have done that, you will have a good starting point for a well thought out budget - and then stick to it 100%!



Goals for 2017

We love goals! And we love achieving them. If you haven’t yet set a goal or two for the year, do it now. Even if it is just saving for that gorgeous pink toaster you’ve always wanted - do it!  

Here are our team’s main goals for 2017:

Meghan: "Go on a course to better myself in my career."

Chantelle: "To study something so I can learn something new."

Paige: "Start trail running regularly! I love it and want to do more of it."

Redesign Interiors goals as a company:  “We would really love to design a boutique hotel with a super creative brief allowing us to design with lots of colours and huge imagination!”



Trends for 2017

Colours, glorious colours! They are going to be all over the place this year - which makes us super duper excited! Neutral interiors? That’s a big no, no! Go bold, go colourful or go home (literally). We want to see more blush and sage combos. The desire to create something unique, different and innovative is a hot trend right now, so go wild! It’s all about designing for the individual and not around what is fashionable. So, so exciting!




Want in on some of our designer secrets?

We will be sharing a top design tip per month, so be sure to tune in monthly for some design inspo and insider trading secrets. Don’t miss out!

January Design Secret:

Colour is the best way to bring life and fabulousness to any space, but many people are afraid of colour or don’t know how to use it correctly. The best way to add any pop of colour is through a slick new paint, and hey, if you decide you don’t like it, then it is only paint after all and you can change it up again.

Our advice is to start with your favourite colour and then choose a slightly lighter, greyed tone of that colour, so as not to be too bright. If you are unsure of a colour, ask the friendly guys at Shaves Paint - they are amazing! Buy a small sample of the paint first and paint a sample on your wall approximately 1m x 1m, then live with it for a couple days. Look at it in all sorts of light and decide if you like or not. If you do, then just go for it! You will most likely find that after your first wall success, you won’t want to stop, and why should you?


Happy, happy 2016 everybody! We are so excited for what this year has in store, and we can’t wait to share it with you. 

The beginning of a new year is always so much fun, with everyone’s resolutions kicking in and the chance to start things afresh. People are energised from that much needed break and it’s the time for those creative juices to flow. Liven things up a little this year with a new slick of paint, or how about a big, beautiful new bathtub? 

Our Redesign team are ready and raring to go - we are oozing with creativity and just general awesomeness, so let the quirkiness commence!





2016 Highlights

2016 is quickly becoming a year of radness. We have some amazing new projects coming up this year that we can hardly wait to get our hands on. Some of these projects include: A holiday home revamp in the Midlands (ooh); the completion of House N in Umhlanga; some exciting new Dubai clients; two North Beach apartments and a swanky CBD penthouse. All this and it's only a couple weeks into 2016 - how thrilling!

If your 2016 involves a new building, a quick revamp or a much needed addition and you would like an awesome, fun and inspiring team to design, manufacture, construct and project manage for you, then give us a call. We can definitely have it done by Christmas (wink wink).

Have a look at these concept ideas for upcoming projects this year - we do love a good concept!

Working with outdoor space is always fun, as there is so much natural beauty and décor to capitalise on. Durban has some of the best weather in the world, all year round - with winter being something we only see in the movies. It would be crazy not to have an outside area to enjoy, entertain and show off.

We created a very natural outdoor element with this project, in the midst of the gorgeous bush and beauty. Outdoor areas generally provide ample space to move around and relax in, as this garden setting did. We took advantage of the open area with a spacious hardwood table and chairs. Hardwoods are perfect for outdoor areas, as they endure against any bad weather, and are easily treated to keep them looking fresh.

 We chose vibrant, eye-catching colours for our décor, to stand out against the natural outdoor elements and to give this setting a fun feel. The use of subtle lighting around the tree provides ambience for an evening event, and is an unobtrusive feature.





Outdoor spaces are perfect for hosting events, and provide a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Here are some key elements that you need when planning your space:


  • Purchase seating that can withhold the elements and be easily cleaned, folded down or moved when need be.
  • Lighting is essential for evening events, and they provide a simple, useful means of beauty and décor.
  • If you don’t have the privilege of having a beautiful garden view, you can add imagery of gorgeous greenery and unique potted plants to add a fresh, homely feel to your outside area.
  • Bright, vibrant colour is essential, as it brings out that cheerful, happy feeling that summer exudes.





A formal lounge setting is generally clean, simple and sophisticated. This lounge concept is inspired by the clients’ colour choices of brown and gold, and was worked on a tight budget. We kept the look and feel elegant, yet comfortable, with the warm, natural colours of the walls and furniture. Clever, ambient lighting is both affordable and easily adaptable to any lounge setting. We chose lighting that catches the eye and creates that sophisticated look.








An area can still look amazing, even on a tight budget. By having key elements, such as a T.V unit, lighting and beautifully designed and painted walls, you can keep costs down and still make it look exquisite. Walls give you a beautiful big, open canvas that can be painted in unique ways, and brighten up a room. Browse through Pinterest for a couple hours, you will find inspiration on various ways to liven up your walls.

Lighting is another easy way to turn your drab into fab. Hang a beautiful chandelier from your ceiling and add some unique standing lamps, placed against a freshly painted wall, for a gorgeously lighted feature in your room.

Make sure you shop around - you don’t have to go for expensive, top of the range things – you will find some fantastic selections at reasonable prices. Check out or for some inspiration.