Services sound a bit like we are fixing your car. We prefer to say that we are offering you a space transformation, rather than a service. 

Our goal is to make your life simpler, better and fuller by creating you an interior like no other - from concept to technical documentation to final installation - making it a smooth and easy process. 

To put it simply, we will help you build up your ideas and dreams, we'll form a design based on them, with amazing interior ideas and then make it happen. 

Check out the list of space transformation steps we offer below - if it has anything to do with interior design or interior decorating, you've come to the right place.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our interior design offerings or just for general enquiries. We are excited to work with you and look forward to transforming your space and your life. 


Home transformation offered:

- Full interior design: from concept ideas to that ‘wowser’ finished design.

- Interior decorating: comprehensive home decorating ideas (this includes those very ‘out there’ one’s) and layout.

- Concept designs presented with animated graphics and images: this will give you a ‘real-life’ view of what your space will look like after we have transformed it.

- Floor and ceiling plans: done in-house by Redesign Interiors, to give you an overview of every last little goodie in your newly renovated space. 

- Lighting and electrical layouts: this is important to see beforehand, so that any changes can be shouted out before work is done. We work with a qualified team of electricians (obviously).

- Space planning: this means that we are super thoughtful. We make sure that the space works for you and not you working around the space. It needs to function well, make you feel cosy and do all the other stuff that’s going to make you a happy camper. 

- Custom furniture design and manufacture: We can make just about anything your heart desires - remember that flamingo standing lamp idea?

- Specifications of all finishes (flooring, paint etc): we want you to be totally satisfied, therefore every single detail, right down to the specific paint colour you love, is thought about and planned for. What about tiles? Carpets? Or curtains and those frilly things that hold them back? We do those too! (mostly without the frills though!)

- Kitchen and bathroom design: we pride ourselves in creating kitchens and bathrooms that are both rather pretty and useful, ensuring that your life is made a little easier. Kitchens often need the most thinking as they are one of the most utilised spaces in the home - and bathrooms can be pretty cramped (not so much fun). Does yours hark from the avocado-loving seventies? Don’t worry, we’ve seen them all and culled those bad boys. 

- Project coordination and management: we are available physically at every project - coffee-fuelled and ready for action - making sure that everything is coordinated as planned. We ensure that every last detail meets our high standards (we are a little OCD), and that every project is managed superbly. We liaise with the multitude of contractors on your behalf - so that if you don’t have the time (or inclination!) to handle the nitty gritty of the project yourself, no probs. 


Why use Redesign Interiors?

- You will receive a design that is perfect for you and will make you feel happy about life: Before we even put pen to paper, we get to know you a little as a person - what you like, what you don’t like, and all the other lovely things that make you who you are. We then incorporate this into our creative genius to ensure that your space is also your story!

- It’s stress free getting us to do the nitty gritty: We save you the added stress of having to deal with suppliers, coordinating works, ensuring proper manufacturing and installation methods, and sourcing or creating every item for your space. Sound like a holiday?

- Let’s talk budget: If your budget has a limit, let us know ASAP so that we can design around this. You would think that sparse spaces with fewer designer pieces are more reasonable to complete. It ain’t so. These usually require greater attention to detail, with new and innovative ideas to make the space pop. It’s not always necessarily cheaper to create these unique pieces, and this needs to be considered beforehand.   

- Let us help you spend your money...wisely: Yes, everyone thinks that they can tackle a home makeover on their own. And yes, you may even be quite good at it. But there will always be some hiccups; some pain in the butt problems if you will. We have been there, got that ugly t-shirt and have learnt our lesson. So why not let us help you iron out those kinks and make it smooth sailing for you? Our decorating team is uber-efficient and brilliant at what we do, thus never wasting a penny on unnecessary bits and bobs. 


Getting a little tired of reading?

heres a splash of colour for you! we had loads of fun creating this for Decorex 2017


Want to use Redesign Interiors?

heres whats next...

1. Meet

We will meet you, preferably at your space you would like designed, and discuss your ideas, plans and goals for that space. We will measure up and take photos of the space, even if it is just a plot of land, and go back to our studio excited to bring your visions to life.

2. Quote

Once meeting you and the space we will put together a brief of everything we have discussed and send it to you with a quote for our fee (usually 10-15% of your budget)

3. Design

When you have called to say Yes! Please go ahead, we will put together a concept design. At this stage we will produce mood boards, material samples and basic drawings. We will then meet with you and ensure we are on the same page, discuss the design and go back to the studio with our notes. The final design will then be worked out and a budget breakdown drawn up.


Final designs will be agreed on between yourself and us, all drawings and finishes signed off, and we will start implementing the design!