Dining Rooms

Ah the dining area. The place where fun happens - or at least it should. After all, what is more fun than eating? And drinking of course! This is the place where memories are made, where stories are told, and where you welcome your guests. Whether you are single or surrounded by twenty kids - you gotta have somewhere good to eat, and this is where it’s at. Your dining room interior should always be spacious. Because where will you put all the wine obviously? 

How are you going to fit in that table that you just ordered off E-bay? And does it even bring out your eyes? Don’t stress, we will make it work for you. How about that seventh guest that just arrived unannounced? Have you got extra space? There should always be an overflow of seats for that uncle Bob or aunty Betty - you would hate to offend right?

Set the mood with some dimly lit ceiling lights, or use a standing lamp as part of your eye-candy. What about a sideboard for those over-sized platters at Christmas or the abundance of wine glasses when your girlfriends come over?

Has your floor been treated correctly to deal with these lady nights, and all the wine spillage and heel damage that inevitably will occur? What does your ceiling look like? Is it part of the party? So much to consider…




House Naidoo Dining Room


House Brooks Dining Room


House Beagle Dining Room