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Your office space or study doesn’t always have to be so boring and conventional. Flow and practicality is important in these spaces, but so is stimulation and warmth. If you are working in your study and spending a lot of your time here, then you want it to be quiet and private. It can even be just a distraction at the end of the day to take you away from the daily grind. We love turning what can be a bit of a snore-worthy space into an area where you can be inspired and creative on a daily basis. We have plenty of office design ideas up our sleeves. No need to keep your wall the typical white - why not ginger it up a little with some patterned wallpaper, or tranquil illustrations? 

Is your desk space cramping your style - literally? This is a big no-no. Storage is essential in any office - mostly to hide those hideous files and piles of paperwork, but also to give you the space you need in order to be productive. 

Cables, cables, cables - the pain of our lives. Good grief are they annoying! This is why we ensure that they are tucked away neatly and out of sight. 

What about your lighting - is it office-worthy and good for your sight? This is so important. Your chair is just as important - it needs to be comfy, but also look good. Ergo chairs are great for offices.  

Bookshelves can be great for both offices and studies, to store all those inspiring authors that you love. These can be turned into a bit of a decoration piece, by painting them up or having them as a feature on your wall. 

Where there is coffee, there is productivity. That is just how it is. Every office needs a coffee station. In fact, it should be part of the mandatory office furniture. Keep it clean, fun and out of the way if necessary, but make it happen. 





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