Other Areas

Don’t stop with just the above. What about your kitchen? Both men and women are adventurous these days with the cooking. Make room for everyone. There needs to be plenty of counter space and cupboard space. Open it up so those chef juices can flow. Hang the pots from the ceiling and make it a feature. Hook your mugs off the cupboards to give you more space inside them. We have so many cool ideas just oozing out, let’s work together to make your space work. 

Need a playroom, library or bar? Tick, tick and tick – we can do them all! 

What about that odd space that no one ever really knows how to handle? No, they are not for storing your dirty old boots. Let us help you make the most of them by turning them into a useful, maybe even attractive looking nook. 

We love a good challenge, so challenge us away – go on. 



Kitchen - House Naidoo



Cinema & Gym - House Naidoo


Library - House Naidoo




Kitchen - House Brooks


Library - House Beagle


Kitchen - House de Goede