Design Services

Concept Design

The first step of our Design Services is Concept Design. At Concept Design Stage we collaborate all our ideas and inspirations together with the clients to create a platform from which to work with. We look at inspirational images, samples of fabrics and materials, source furniture and fittings, and design bespoke pieces to match the interior.

The best time to start with this process is at the same time as designing the architecture of the building. We then collaborate with the architect and design a space that relates to the architects designs too, creating a holistic experience.
If it is a decorating or renovation project we can start at any time. We will work with your existing structure and suggest the best alterations to get the interior of your dreams.

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Design Development

Step 2 of our Interior Design Services focuses on Design Development. Moving on from the concept design stage is the development stage. It is at this point that we gather and work on the all the technical information required to arrange detailed quotes and quantities for all the respective artisans who will be working on the project. This technical information includes drawings (floor plans, ceiling plans, detailed shopfitting drawings), specifications and schedules.

This stage is one of the most important stages in getting the timing and budgets correct and maintained on any project. Without the above it would be difficult for anyone to complete a project to its original design.

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