Residential Interior Design is deep set in our our history and although we also focus on Corporate Interior Design, Residential Interior Design is one of our first loves and we still adore it!

We take great pride in getting to know our clients and their stories in order to create a home that they fall involve with every day. We consider all the clients dreams and ideas, combine them with their personalities, likes and dislikes, and finally merge them with our design flair and attention to detail, creating a home that they feel close to and enjoy every day.

“In much the same way as we experience art so should our interiors be experienced. Giving us joy overtime we look at them” Paige Waplington. We have designed some crazy interiors, from giant reading glasses on a wall to fun top hat lights in a kitchen. We have some glam neutral homes too. Even though we love color and out of the box things, we also love our clients and what they dream of, and sometimes thats neutral glam.

some of our clients