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About Us

Redesign is an interior design firm directed by Interior Designer Paige Waplington. Paige has an undying passion for the benefits and impact interior design has on the built environment. “ I believe that every interior has a direct impact on the people that use it. The space could make a person feel joyful, relaxed, excited, or any range of emotions. And if used cleverly this is how we make an interior work to our benefit.” Paige Waplington.

Based in Westville, Durban, Redesign has a fun outlook and enjoys dealing with projects that are unique and out of the box. With an experienced team of designers and managers we are able to handle your projects from design concept stage through to final completion. Our attention to detail and exploration of our clients stories leads to functionally designed, unique interiors that are set to wow even the most discerning character.

We enjoy building relationships with our clients and keep them updated throughout the process with clear communication. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and expect our clients to have a happy feeling when they work with us.

Our Work

interior design kitchenWhile we started our business with residential work we now have a great mixed portfolio of residential, corporate and hospitality work. We love the relationships we build with our residential clients and the high paced fun we have with our corporate clients. Each sector fuels something different for us and keeps our creative juices flowing and ignited. Nothing like a crazy deadline to get us going!

While we do love design and want everything to be a piece of art we also understand the running of a business and the practicality behind everything we design. Great consideration and research goes into all our designs, ensuring that we are providing a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides great solutions and increased efficiency.

Zimbali - Club Drive

This exquisite Zimbali home was designed and equipped to be a unique property, to increase its value, and create a space that can listed on Airbnb. The brief from the Developer was to create a special place that draws inspiration from its surroundings., so we created a interior with tropical notes and a touch of Africa. This house is going on the market in the new year, so if you love it just as much as we do give us a shout and we will hook you up with the developer!

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Our Mission

Designing Interiors Telling your story.
We really do love our clients and want their interiors to reflect their stories. Be it a bedroom or a multistory mixed use development. Our designs should directly link to the story/brand/ atmosphere of a client and translate into a space that they feel inspired by every day they walk in. “My office is bright and colorful and has a lot of pink and plants. I LOVE it! It makes me happy every single day.” Paige Waplington

Our Vision

Creating built environments that improve the lives of everyone, inspiring happiness, one person at a time. We work with projects as small as one room to 1000’s of square meters as we believe in the built environment having a direct effect on people’s lives. For every beautiful environment we create we add happiness to lives, which then gets shared to the people around them, creating a happier place for everyone.

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