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Our Interior Design process:

& Briefing

First things first – let’s meet to find out if we’re a good fit. The full interior design process will be personal, and lengthy, so let’s make sure we like one another!

This initial meeting allows us to understand the fundamental objectives of your project and ensure our team are the right fit for your interior design dream.

of Happiness

Next we’ll start to learn about you, or your brand, and what makes you smile! This begins with an in-depth questionnaire that delves into discovering your companie’s personality and what makes you happy in life.

Once we’ve had a chance to review your response, we’ll meet again to spend time discussing your visions and ideals in more depth.


Now it’s time for our team to compile all of your thoughts, experiences and moments of happiness together to create a mood-board.

This becomes the springboard for every following idea. Our team will continuously circle back to these design intentions, which will ensure your vision is obtained.


Finally, we’ll discuss the mood-board in detail with you, revising and reviewing the design intentions

Together we will map out a plan for the weeks ahead which will ensure we align the design process accordingly. Our team factors in product procurement, and the implementation and supervision of design project .

Interior Design
inspired by you.

Let’s work together!

From your initial spark of inspiration to the final flourish of a design, our creative team work to design interior spaces that reflect your personality and envisioned moods. We make sure to keep your happiness at the centre of everything we do.

At Redesign Interiors, our design processes begin with a deep delve into your desired preferences, engaging in lively discussions to understand your vision and aspirations. Armed with this insight, we embrace some loose exploration and experimentation, pushing the boundaries to create authentic and unique proposals for elevated environments that bring you joy.

Our keen eye for style paired with our strategic, conceptual underpinnings means that we craft concepts that capture the essence of your style, resulting in plans that reflect your vision and vibe.

Our process is collaborative and transparent, ensuring that every step is met with your approval and satisfaction. From selecting the finest materials and furnishings, to presenting you with samples and prototypes, we leave no option unexplored throughout our interior design process. We will present you with cohesive plans and drawings, allowing you to envision the final masterpiece before it takes shape.