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Hey there, I’m Paige.
Founder & director.

Happiness has always been at the core of my journey, driving me to pursue a life filled with joy and positivity. From a young age, I have been drawn to the bright side, always finding ways to see the rainbow in a cloudy sky. This optimistic outlook is something I cherish deeply and strive to bring into my work and interactions with others.

As a hopelessly positive person, I firmly believe that the bright side is not only more fun but also has the power to make people happier.This philosophy is at the heart of Redesign Interiors, where my goal is to create spaces that bring joy and comfort to everyone who experiences them. I am passionate about sharing this sense of happiness, even in small ways, with everyone around me.

For me, work should be a source of happiness, and that means surrounding myself with people who uplift and inspire me. At Redesign Interiors, we are a team that looks out for each other, fostering an environment where creativity and positivity thrive. Life is too short for anything less, and I am committed to ensuring that both my team and our clients find joy in the spaces we create together.

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Our core Interior Design Team:

Girl Boss &
Lead Designer

Paige Waplington

Known as the queen of colour, Paige is bound to brighten up your space! Backed by more than a decade of experience, Paige’s uniquely creative perspectives transform interiors and leave you happier by design.


Kate Stadter

Kate has a passion for interior design that is hard to beat. Her energy and personal approach ensures that you feel well looked after and happier. A problem-solver at heart, there’s no design conundrum too complicated for Kate!


Brit Schweistzer

There’s no point in paying attention to the details if no one is writing them down! *In steps Brit* She can be found on scene ensuring that no note goes unnotcied, and that Paige and Kate keep on track!


Michelle Schweitzer

Nothing slips by Mich! Her sharp administrative skills paired with patience and diligence means that she handles everything in her stride. From managing suppliers, deliveries and team co-ordination, she has it covered.


Eden Ngomo

Eden may be the luckiest of us all, living eternally in a world of imagination, focusing on creating and crafting 3D renders. Her meticulous attention to detail and creative flair transform abstract thoughts into meaningful spaces.

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