H&L Social Cafe.

Restaurant Interior Design.

H&L Social Cafe:

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When we were approached to design the H&L Social Café at the Regal Inn Hotel in Umhlanga, we just knew we were going to be able to flex our creativity. Inspired by the love of reading and all things words, we created a magical space where, just like Alice, diners could fall down a rabbit hole of wonder.

To support the theme, we installed a curved bookshelf for an organic feel, and open books hanging in little windows on the light fittings. Single-seater benches are shaped like open books as well, and the finishing touch is the swing chair – made entirely from real book pages.

“Paige’s designs always surprise me! After she transforms one of our spaces, her designs continue to grow on me and I find something new to fall in love with every day. Redesign Interiors has designed our H&L Café, our restaurant, and the hotel rooms at the Regal Inn Hotel in Umhlanga for us, and after working with her for many years, we have immense trust in her work. We know she’ll always create a space that’s designed just for us.”

Harrowen Chetty / Regal Inn Umhlanga