Epic Hotel Rwanda.

Hotel Interior Design.

Epic Hotel Rwanda:

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This hotel, situated in the small, yet beautiful east African country of Rwanda, is no small feat, as we turn our 3D renders into reality, to create a unique and gasp-worthy getaway in this lavish land. Have a look at the renders at design stage here.

The Rwanda hotel is set to wow guests with its 4-star quality, consisting of 78 rooms in total with a modern and contemporary look from corner to corner. Each floor will have its own unique feel to it with natural themes such as forests, lakes, patterns and skies running through the hotel.

We went for a very bright and geometric feel for the hotel, incorporating the earthy elements into every room – we wanted to bring the subtropical climate of Rwanda into the design, with its flowing lakes and rivers and mountainous beauty. The hotel is really going to be a true African paradise, providing guests with luxury and pristine accommodation. Each part of the hotel has been carefully thought out and planned, and we can’t wait to show you the final images once it is complete.