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When we first started designing this Maryvale home, we opted for a neutral approach for an understated elegance. However, as we delved deeper into what this client liked, we began to understand that she actually had a hidden desire for colours, patterns and textures.

Driven by these insights, we stayed true to the elegant nature of our designs, while incorporating bold splashes of colour and uniquely creative statement pieces throughout the home. This project allowed us to really stretch our creativity, which is always a dream come true for the Redesign team.

“I was initially aiming for a simple design, as I wasn’t too confident in my own tastes and thought it would be best to play it safe. I’m so happy Paige and her team talked me out of it! My new home is exactly what I wanted without even knowing it, and I’m delighted to be living in a space that is so uniquely ‘me’. A big thanks to Paige and her dedicated team for helping me find me true colours.”