Ridge Road.

Residential Interior Design.

Ridge Road:

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Originally, the owners of this Ridge Road house brought us on to add a balcony across the top level, while upgrading their interior living areas. However, the more we did, the more they wanted us to do, and we were soon tasked with integrating and outdoor pergola and pool, as well as redesigning their upstairs bedrooms.

These customers had an eye for quality, which we accommodated by utilising marble and stone, as well as brass inlays and high-end finishes, giving this home a truly luxurious look and feel. In some areas, such as the lounge, we worked with our partners to create custom furniture, while in others we breathed new life into their existing fittings.

The outdoor space was transformed into a lively and stylish area to enjoy with friends or to simply bask in the KZN sun. By introducing a pergola and upgrading their pool area, we were able to give this space a uniquely beautiful yet functional focal point and a natural gathering place on hot days.

The end result was a modern, stylish home that paid tribute to its beach-facing location, and this was definitely one of our favourite recent projects to do.

“Our first request was to create beautiful living areas in our home, and extend our patio to create balcony areas for the upstairs rooms so we could bring the outdoors in. This then brought about the idea of the pergola and pool revamp – and we love it. Once we saw what Paige and her team could do, we decided to task them with redesigning our bedrooms and as well. Paige knew exactly what we were going for and delivered an incredible design that went far beyond what we expected. We are completely in love with our new home!”