6 Steps to make your home a sanctuary (with items you have already!)

  Today the world is not the same. We have never been more at home. We are now living, working, schooling,  exercising, preforming all our normal activities at home. It has never been more important to ensure that our homes are making us happy and keeping us positive. On top of that it is also difficult to make any changes to our current homes as we don’t have access to simple things like paint. Today I am sharing with you 6 Steps to make your home a sanctuary with what you already have. No need to go out to the shops, no need to spend any money. Just some simple steps to help you set your home up your home, or even one room, into a space that makes you happy. Step One – Declutter. Clutter in your space creates clutter un your mind. Take some time to neaten up your space and get rid of unnecessary items. The best way to do this is remove everything first. Then slowly put items back, one by one, starting with your favourites and must haves. Stop when the space feels good to you.   Step Two – Change it up Changing your decor finishes like cushions, art, vases etc. can give new life to your space. So swop the items around in your home. If you are like me you will have a vase that has been in the same place on your entrance table for years. Change it! Mix it up with other pieces around the house. It doesn’t even have to be another vase, maybe it’s a teapot hidden in the back of your kitchen cupboard. Step Three – Let the light in A dark room can really dull the mood. Make sure you open all your curtains and blinds to their fullest, every day. If there is something large blocking light, move it. If you don’t have have much natural light make use of artificial lighting, grab a lamp from somewhere else in the house and use it. Another trick is to use mirrors in the room, place a mirror opposite the light source to reflect through out the room. Step Four – Bring the outside in Plants have the most amazing ability to bring life and positivity into any space. Go outside and pick whatever you have available, if there are no flowers don’t stress, leaves are gorgeous too. Once you start to look around with the right intention you will be amazed at what you will find. And if you don’t have a vase, anything that holds water will do. A yoghurt tub, tin baked beans a glass, anything. Step five – There are no rules This step is dear to my heart and something I try to practise in all my life. When trying any of these steps do what feels right to you, never mind if you heard someone say once that pink does not go with red or Persian rugs are out. If you love it and it makes you happy, just do it. Step Six – Be kind to yourself If none of these steps are possible for you or if you can achieve every single one, in the end the best way to make your home a sanctuary is to be kind to yourself. Allow yourself the space to feel every emotion and then continue with your day knowing that you are doing the best you can.