The Pantone Color Institute, the ultimate authority on all things related to art, aesthetics, and interior design, has recently confirmed what our Head Designer has known all along – magenta is the official colour of 2023.

Paige Waplington, Owner, and Creative Director of Redesign Interiors, has been using this unique colour to transform spaces for years, and has made it one of Redesign’s signature shades for accents and bold, complementary splashes of colour.

One of the wonders of this shade is that it can’t be pinned down. This unique colour has been described as everything from pinkish-purplish-red to reddish-pinkish-purple and all the variations in between. Scientifically speaking, magenta is the exact halfway point between red and blue, but our brains just aren’t able to figure the colour out; this gives the tone a healthy dose of mystical, magical properties that are great for livening up your space.

Magenta not only delights the eye, it defies the brain, making it the ideal tone for adding dramatic and evocative elements to any maximalist interior – something we specialise in at Redesign Interiors. Let us help you bring this striking shade into your home or business to make it a truly unique space today.