The interior design industry is filled with brilliant and creative minds that interpret the world in their own unique way. To celebrate women’s month, we decided to write a blog post on 4 empowering female interior designers we love. Apart from their exquisite taste and jaw dropping talent, these four women all have one other thing in common… they are all amazing, inspiring women that are taking over the interior design world. Let’s take a look at them and fall in love with their projects.  

1. Kelly Wearstler

She is probably one of the most famous interior designers of the 21st century. She is known for her electric signature look that’s filled with rich textures, bright colours and bold lines. Her electric and experimental style has helped redefine the modern design world. Her clients mostly consist of celebrities from the world of film and music. She also has a line of furniture and accessories. She recently launched her own 17-lesson video course on MasterClass where she takes students behind the scenes to demystify interior design and empower individuals in the field.

2.Three Birds Renovations

Three Birds is a trio interior design team led by Bonnie Hindmarsh, Lana Taylor and Erin Cayless. They renovate and build suburban Australian homes and transform them into dream family homes. Their projects can be seen as both practical and magazine worthy. These three empowering women are best-selling authors and creators of The Reno School.    

3. Annabelle Selldorf

Annabelle has established herself as one of the art world’s go-to architects. She is known for her sophisticated take on minimalism and she has created homes for the top collectors and gallerists, and she has created exhibition spaces worldwide. She is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects and this inspiring creator has a 2016 AIANY Medal of Honor.  

4. Emily Summers

President and CEO of Emily Summers Design Associates, Emily, is known for creating crisp, elegantly contemporary homes that still have some warmth and soulfulness. She is a master at softening the hard edges associated with modernism. Emily Summers Design Associates has collaborated on award-winning projects in both residential and commercial design.