It’s cozy. It’s inviting. And it’s a toasty hot interior design trend right now! Faux fur adds a more snug feel to any neat and tidy space. Mix up your overly modern space with a little faux fur throw, inviting people to actually sit down and get comfy. You want something sumptuous and luxurious to elevate your home – and it can come from something as simple as a pillow, rug or throw.

Opt for more natural colours, like greys, cream and tan. They blend comfortably with a wider variety of colour schemes – making it a year-round trend. From silks to velvets to heavy wool, faux fur makes the perfect complimentary item to a variety of different materials. And the best room to use this type of cushy texture? It’s the bedroom, for sure. Next would be the living room, where you and your pets can enjoy the soft feeling of faux fur while cozying up on the couch.