We’re into the third leg of our 7-part series! This means we are also one month closer to celebrating our birthday – eeek! Time is going so quickly. Redesign Interiors has come such a wonderfully long way from our roots to where we are now as born and bred Durban artists. We want to celebrate with everyone who has been part of the journey we’ve enjoyed so far and we look forward to continuing onwards and upwards with all of you. 

Local, lekker, Durban artist Bron Stofberg 

This month, we would like to talk about the inspiring work of Bron Stofberg. Redesign Interiors is always thrilled to bring new artists into the light, but Bron needs almost no introduction. Her work supports the peace and calm that is so tangible in her personality, while it loudly reverberates elements of quirky and eccentricity, with a slight offset appeal. As you know, Redesign interiors loves the unusual, the Mavericks, those bringing something new to the table. We’ve used some of Bron’s work to add that extra unique touch to some of the more classic styles we’ve created in our projects. Like we always say, classic is wonderful, but there has to be something a little crazy in there to make it truly yours. 

A painting style as unique as the Durban artist herself

Bron made her debut into the creative world by teaching mosaic to dozens of students, after having perfected the medium herself. She wanted to explore other avenues of artful creativity and decided to have a go at painting. She quickly made a name for herself, as her unique style is so well-suited to interior design with its nonconforming and open-to-interpretation patterns and elements. 

Bron uses ordinary implements, ie, oil on canvas, to create extraordinary paintings. A formula that is unique to her is used to pull the paint, drawing it into swirls and folds and colourful patterns. Her work always draws great interest with its lasting wet look (which is actually not wet!). In fact, the wet look is possibly the only factor deterring you from standing nose to canvas against her work, taking it all in. 

Bron’s art is featured on the walls of many upmarket homes both in South Africa and abroad, notably, she has work displayed in a Post Production house co-owned by Madonna in Soho, London. But locally, we love that she is always ready to create something new with the client in mind, in the perfect size, and colour combinations. Words like flowing, calm, whimsical but aplomb, and thought-provoking describe her work. Some of her pieces remind you of malachite, except that it’s not necessarily green. Her paintings feature a range of choice (if you don’t want a custom piece), from only swirls to dramatic outlines and the combination of the two together. 

The most astounding part is that her process uses no paintbrushes! It’s simply oil on canvas, in a way you have never heard of before. Dadaism was an awakening for artists as the art was in the process and not the product, how you felt and what you did during the creation of your piece. We just love the work done by Bron because her style encompasses the best of Dadaism, with such a mysterious and incredible process, but still presenting an end result that is breathtaking. 

Join the birthday fun! Redesign Interiors is turning 7 this year!  

Remember, as part of our birthday celebration, each artist we feature will give away a prize, because who doesn’t want birthday presents all year? This is even better because we get to enjoy all the perks of being around for 7 whole years while we give the presents away. We’re your all-year Santa Claus (kind-of)! We suggest you join the party, follow us on social media to see what we’re giving away this month and how you can be the one to win it. Connect with us here: https://www.facebook.com/redesigndecor