Clever Color

We love colour. No, wait, we LOVE colour! We believe that colour can change your world. We are going to change our world by painting a bright pink wall in our office – come check it out!

There is a lot of research behind colour and the benefits it has in our lives. It is used cleverly through lots of businesses, graphic design, restaurants, fast food spots, corporate environments, babies rooms – EVERYWHERE! And each colour has a purpose, how amazing right? Check out this colour wheel to show you what each colour does to our moods and what moods it can stimulate. For example, an interior for say a coffee shop would have combinations of green, blue and purple, allowing the space to exude relaxation and calmness and to encourage communication and inspiration for those that work from coffee shops!

Colour can be used in many ways and in various places, you just need to get cleverly creative with it. Have a look at some of our past projects where we used lots of pretty colours.