Let’s Pause a Little While

We are busy with a fun little project in a corporate office space – a ‘pause’ room where employees go to chill and take some time out from their hectic schedules. We have completed the design of this area and will hopefully be installing it soon. This room needs to be fun, different and super relaxing for employees to really get a break during the day. The company boasts a clientele of 6000, so we took this number and decided to design this pause room with 6000 different elements.

This was no easy fete, but it was a great design challenge and we loved every minute. We have laid this room out with various shapes and patterns, that are colourful, functional and unique. The 6000 elements didn’t necessarily mean that we designed 6000 different things – we created objects for instance that have hundreds of lines, that make up the 6000 number. It took a lot of brainstorming and some serious maths skills 🙂 This pause room is situated off a beautiful glass area that links the two buildings of the company, so it really is going to be a stunning spot to chill in.