Although Father’s Day has come and gone, we are still celebrating all things masculine and manly during this month of MAN! Here are some tips on how to design a man cave made of magic. The “man cave” – a place set aside to pursue his interests – can be an office, study, basement, or whatever. It simply needs to be a place for a man to relax and enjoy himself. There is no need to be a fan of feng shui to know your surroundings have an effect on your mood. A simple design can feel relaxed, homey and rugged.

Start with a solid wooden desk. This is where you’ll read comics or the weekly newspaper, browse the interwebs, or polish your coin collection. Invest in a sofa that is neutral, timeless and, of course, comfortable as hell! The neutral couch suits any style, from masculine to minimalistic. A stylish coffee table is just as important as the couch that sits across from it. This will end up being the centrepiece during those late night drinks with the boys or a place to rest your feet after a hard day. Opt for one that complements the wooden desk. Add in some shelves to store not only your beloved beer mug collection but also your personal library. In the end, designing the ultimate man room is about creating something that will work for the man using it.