Talking about comperorary interior design, here’s what we’re up to.

Resting among the green hills in the heart of Kwazulu-Natal, lies a tranquil estate, cosy next to the sea. Zimbali is a luxury community where residents and guests all enjoy the finer splendours in life. Our newest project brings us to this upmarket setting.

 We are working on a little razzle-dazzle transformation for a beautiful home in Zimbali. It’s going to be anything but ordinary, and we can say this with great confidence because it’s not a sweep-in and sweep-out contemporary interior design project, it’s a total gut and revamp of an enormous and slightly older house. Our team will be bringing superpowers of quirkiness. We are delivering prestige Concept Design, Design Development, Budgets, Project Management, and Installation for a contemporary interior design.

How we’re creating a contemporary interior design

The house is absolutely enormous, boasting 4 impressive bedrooms. The finishes are beautiful in a way that clearly betrays the house’s age, in other words, it’s no longer contemporary.

The house is desperate for more light!

Lord, let there be light!

While we love stone floors and dark wood finishes, it’s created a cold and somewhat cramped feeling inside the house. Not very reminiscent of the warm heart of Mother Africa at all.

We have great visions for this property, we want this house’s potential to shine through, uplifting everyone entering it. We want to breathe life into this ol’ thang and make it gleam with vibrancy and fresh beginnings.

Our vision: Light, space, and air for a more contemporary interior design

As we mentioned, this house has an idyllic location. Green rolling hills on one side and the soothing crash and crawl of the ocean’s tide on the other. One could even dare to make it a beach house.

Our vision, being Redesign Interiors, is not going to be any ordinary concept, like ‘beach house’ or ‘upmarket African theme’ or any other typical trend. No. It’s going to be a little eclectic. It’s going to have a quirky element to the smooth sophistication we have planned. Most importantly, it will have lots of fresh beautiful ocean air flowing through, and light from the outside will come pouring in for a spacious and calming effect.

How we’re making ‘contemporary’ happen

First things first, we must destroy everything. So, we’re pulling down a few walls. We’re tearing out the balustrades and cornices. We’re ripping up the cold stone floors and obliterating everything that makes the home feel heavy or dark.

To complement the house’s gorgeous size, we’re using large sleek tiles in white. We’re going for neutral tones all-through with little pops of colour (the ‘le quirky’ elements mentioned earlier). We’re loving the contemporary African theme so we’re using that but keeping with lighter colours. Adding to that, we’re also bringing in enough marble to build a new hall. We’re using it very creatively, though. Marble will feature in the guest bathroom, in the main bathroom, and we’re creating a custom wall feature with marble.

Picture beautiful round marbles discs on the wall that are glowing.

We’re going to fit custom lighting behind the wall mounts, creating an ethereal and angelic ambience in the room. The kitchen will be kitted with Caesarstone to further the elegance.

Contemporary interior design? The ‘Le Quirky’ factor

Naturally, you know us, we have to add a little something that’s fun and crazy to every contemporary interior design project. To punctuate the vastness of the classic neutral colour scheme, we’re adding pops of crazy colour. It’s still just as suave, but it’s unique.

The door will have a knocker that’s a statement piece on its own. We’re still deciding on the final technicalities but onyx or marble is the general direction of our thoughts for this one. The window pane next to the door will be a fairytale purple, ready to enchant new arrivals when they knock. These are two of our ideas which will add splashes of vibrancy in the form of colour and texture.

Last, and anything but least is the lighting. Yes.

We keep bringing up lighting, for good reason. Light not only uplifts and elevates our mood, it’s also crucial in illuminating important areas in the home we need to function in. So why not make it part of the art?

We’re installing energy-efficient lighting in the form of a few downlights, strip lights, spotlights and wall lights that will act as lighting features. This house is tricky, however, thanks to the exposed trusses. It means we have to plan our lighting with extra care to ensure that every element is beautiful, enhancing the natural trusses to create a home that feels modern with its contemporary interior design.

Watch the project grow

We are still in the concept phase of the project at the time of writing this, but the plans are all coming together beautifully. We’ve set ourselves an ambitious deadline, so there’s going to be a lot of very busy people on site. The construction phase will begin next month, we’re looking forward to smashing out what we don’t need to transform the building. Keep checking in for updates, we’re sure this project is going to be very exciting. Plus, who can resist a juicy makeover?

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