Of course, you want your home’s design to be just right. 

Must it be trendy? Perhaps. Styled to reflect your taste? Absolutely. Getting the design looking like an interior designer did it while staying within your budget is a big job. Sometimes, it takes a whole team to oversee the work on one small building. Not to mention, renovations and changes can take ages, if you’re doing it while you juggle a busy career and home life.

There’s also a common belief that interior designers are exclusively for the wealthy. In actual fact, interior designers, like most service providers, work around your budget. They ensure you get the very best value for your money, in the space you have. 

If you’re looking for a stress-free answer to getting a fabulous interior design, you’ll love these decorating insights from our interior design team.

Interior designer’s insight #1: Start with the end in mind

We all find pretty things and we buy them without considering how we’re going to use them. This idea leads to lots of beautiful items in the home, but they might not speak to each other well. Or, they don’t contribute to the overall look you’ve pursued, especially if you don’t have a clear idea in mind at the start. 

We feel, you should start with a clear idea of what your end result should be. Look at pictures, and only accumulate items that will build the end result. 

Interior designer’s insight #2: Know when to call your interior designer 

We’re always telling our clients and readers this, and we will keep telling them: Bring your interior designer in when you hire your architect (if it’s a new build). 

The whole idea is collaboration, to give you an end-result that functions as you need it to. If the interior designer comes in after the construction phase, they may find it challenging to give you the best value in the space you’ve got.

Interior designer’s insight #3: Hire a designer that’s affiliated with an industry-association, like the IID

The IID (the South African Institute of Interior Design) ensures that each member is vetted, very strictly. Interior designers belonging to this association are qualified, well-experienced, and highly capable. They’re also required to follow the industry’s best practices, ensuring clients have a positive working relationship with their designers. 

Interior designer’s insight #4: Interior designers charge a fair, affordable fee

We mentioned that interior designers work according to a budget, which you stipulate. Included in your budget, is your interior designer’s fee. Your interior designer would typically charge you a percentage of the overall cost of the job. The cost involved in hiring an interior designer balances itself out as you save money on sourcing all your items and materials, handling contractors, and of course, you get the expertise that comes with a professional interior designer. That means you’re going to get it right the first time. 

Interior designer’s insight #5: See the end result before it begins

If you hire an interior designer, you will see 3D visuals of your plan, which includes every aspect of your design. These visuals allow you to see exactly what your end product will look like, so forget the worries of painting your walls a daring colour only to realise it clashes with the furniture. 

The 3D render gives you the opportunity to see what you’re getting before you get it, and to have your say and ensure everything, right down to the finest details, is exactly the way you want it (or better).

An interior designer knows how to design a space that flows well 

An interior designer understands how rooms need to flow. They’ve learned how to sculpt an interior so that your movement through the house feels smooth and effortless. Achieving that takes great attention to detail. 

But, what the interior designer brings to the table, is the ability to analyse your lifestyle and incorporate elements into your home that reflects who you are. Not only does this knowledge simplify your daily activities, it incorporates your story into your decor, reflecting your taste and style. 

Interior designers are used to dealing with tricky situations on a daily basis, challenges are always welcome. 

If you’re looking for an interior designer to make your dream interior space a reality, contact Redesign Interiors, we’ll tell your story, and we’ll make it magical.