March is such a fantastic month – it’s the beginning of the Autumn months, when change begins to take place all around us. Change is great, we should all embrace it. Autumn is a time to reinvent yourself, or your home. Sometimes reinventing your home, results in reinventing yourself. Put in a little bit of effort and these two things can both be achieved, and soon you will feel like Michael Jackson on stage.

Here are two little nuggets of advice to change up your home this Autumn:

1. Paint! Paint! Paint!

Yes we know that we keep bleating on about paint, but honestly it is a godsend, and hopefully by the end of the year we would’ve convinced enough people of the magic of paint! Spend some time in a paint store and look at all those gorge colour palettes. Just look at them! Choose a colour that catches your eye, that maybe you wouldn’t of chosen before, but you’ve decided to be bold, so you gonna do it. Heck, why not choose FOUR beautiful colours and paint each wall a different colour.  If you’re really feeling artsy fartsy, choose two colours and start painting some triangles on the wall for a more ‘mod’ look. Paint is easy, fun and gives great results for a kwiksy sticksy makeover.

2. Daring Décor.

A little bit of decor can go a long way. For a quick way to revamp your bedroom or lounge, buy some great décor pieces and some cushions and add some new pizzazz to your space. Also you can paint a wall … 🙂