We love February. Not only because of the fantastic weather that we are blessed with here in Durbs, but also because we get to add a little spice to our own spaces and fill them with hearts and all things lovely. February is also Meghan’s birthday month, and what’s not to love about Meghan?

Happy Birthday Meghan! We love having you as part of the Redesign Interiors team, and we are so proud of everything that you have achieved in the last year. You have been an asset to this business and we can’t wait to see all the crazy, cool designs you are going to whip out this year.

Have the most rockin’ day and we hope you are spoiled beyond reason – you deserve it!

How to make your interior love YOU!

It’s not just us humans that need some lovin’ this month. Everyone and everything deserves love, even your interior. There’s no better way to make your interior love you than by giving it a makeover. Love your interior again by painting a feature wall with a new lick of paint; buy those cushions you have been eyeing out for ages; or purchase that artwork that’s been on your wishlist for who knows how long.

By giving your interior a makeover, you are really just spoiling yourself yes? It’s a win-win all round.

On Paige’s interior love list:

On Paige’s wishlist of gorgeous décor pieces to make her office love her again, are these stunning pendants from Superbalist; this hang-it shelf from Weylandts; and a new paint colour palette – these will bring new energy and fun to the office space and create a newfound love between Paige and her office walls.

Our team’s interior loves


For Paige, colour is what makes her heart sing. Paige believes that by painting one wall in your interior with your favourite colour, your whole room will be transformed into a room that makes your heart happy. It’s pretty much the equivalent of seeing your fave person daily! Go on, get painting …


If something is cost-effective, works well in a space and looks aesthetically pleasing, then it is a real winner in Chantelle’s books. Take screeding for instance. Screeding, if done well can look so much prettier than tiles, which are overused and expensive. It is great for both walls and floors or even counter tops – it’s cost effective and super functional with its easy-to-clean surface and durability. From an aesthetics point of you – screeding looks so stunning!


“Most people work for money; I design for love!”

Meghan genuinely loves out of the box, quirky elements of colour. It’s what makes her heart happy. She finds that people are generally too conservative when it comes to colour. Painting a feature wall or five in a colour or three, will not only liven up your whole space, but it could potentially open up the space, making it a unique talking point.

Dare to be different! Going bold with colour may seem daunting, but it could just make your heart as happy as it makes Meghan’s.

How to love the planning section

If we’re honest, most of us hate planning for stuff, we just want to see it done and dusted, especially when it comes to a home makeover – we want the finished product – it’s hard being patient. However, without a proper plan in place of how we are going to achieve what we want, a home project can quickly go very wrong.

If you learn to love the planning process as much as the implementation, you will find that it is actually a lot of fun and it will make the whole process a much smoother one. Finding inspiration for your new home is so easy these days with the help of social sites like Pinterest. If you haven’t already, create yourself a Pinterest account and start looking for ideas for whichever room (or all of them) you want to tackle. Take a couple hours each week (if you have a crazy schedule like most of us) and start pinning your favourite ideas to your boards/s. Make a note with each image you pin of why you love that look – is it the colour or maybe a specific piece of furniture?

Once you have a good few ideas pinned, you can start looking at various shops that may stock something similar to what you like. This will help you to put a budget together and plan how you are going to achieve what you want to achieve. Keeps things simple – don’t overthink stuff and work on one room or one item at a time. If things change along the way, embrace it, knowing that it’s the nature of the beast.

If you decide half way that interior designing ain’t your thang, just drop us a line – we will happily take over the fun stuff for you 🙂

Express your love.

Your home should be a reflection of who you are. Use it to express your unique personality and loves. When you let go and be free with your interior, it creates an amazing space that you will love to be in everyday and you will find that your guests are enthralled – if they love you, then why wouldn’t they love the interior extension of you?

If flamingoes are your thing (they certainly are ours), then flamingle away. If polka dots make your tummy do flip flops, apply oversized ones on your wall! If calm, serene colours such as creams and whites make you happy, then paint them everywhere. This is your space and your chance to be who you want to be, so go and do it!