“Depending on the context, colour can convey meaning, often more effectively than words”  

2018 will be the year for self-expression, and Pantone is rising to the occasion and providing a far wider spectrum to choose from, embracing individuality and purpose in colour. The sense of renewed vigor in the fashion industry, both in interior design and fashion, indicate greater confidence and optimism, a great triumph for those who love the bright and the bold. 

Words like shiny, pearlescent, glossy and iridescent come to mind, with the new neutral being metallic. The human eye is naturally drawn to the lustrous sheen of metallics, which in turn creates a backdrop for bright blasts of colour. 

2018: For the love of colour

With a palette of four basic shades that transcend gender-based and seasonal boundaries, we have a neutral base to build polychromatic, bright, feel-good colours on. We are seeing lots of brazen and bold colour coordination, patterned rugs with bright curtains and plant pots that match paintings. 2018 is the year of the rebel in the fashion world. Designers across every department can cast off the traditional limitations and toss the rule book, Pantone is providing the tools for more combinations. Brighter colours at opposite ends of the spectrum are brought together with careful planning to provide a wider range for play and experimentation, expect some innovative discoveries as a result! 

2018 sees breezy, buoyant tones burst forth with untypical shades and a disregard for predictability. This year is a haven of playful colours and fun elements in distinct and intricate colour combinations.

PANTONE 17-1563

Cherry Tomato

Impetuous, passionate and unapologetically bold. The warmth of the orange tones in the fiery red demands attention. Energetic and capricious, this colour is destined for great innovations.

PANTONE 13-0550

Lime Punch

An astringent, citrus colour. Included with the vision of striking a chord in the colour palette, this pungent shade is sure to turn heads and draw eyes.

PANTONE 17-1929

Rapture Rose

Rapture Rose attests to the qualities of pink that represent strength and maturity. It is also artful, rosy and romantic.

PANTONE 18-4043

Palace Blue

A brilliant blue for the days to come. Energetic and exuberant, it leaves a lasting and positive impression.

PANTONE 18-3838

Ultra Violet

A touch madness, ingenuity and originality. It captivates the imagination with its diversity and depth.

A splash of colour can get your life flowing

We have never seen such a broad playground for colour, along with the license to throw caution to the wind and embrace sprightliness and vibrancy. Bursts of colour add youth to the decor, with the whole idea being to make people stop and smile! It’s fun, and it makes the sombre and stiffy vibes from the past obsolete. Colour is a vital part of happiness and incorporating more colour into the spaces you live your life in, will lift your spirits. After all, in the words of James Henry Leigh Hunt: “Colours are the smiles of nature”.

“All colours are the friend of their neighbours, and the lovers of their opposites”