Do you remember that childhood feeling? The tingling in your toes, the build-up in your chest… You could almost scream from excitement as you countdown to your birthday.

Not only do you get presents, but you also get to mark the milestone of another year.

As kids, we all felt excited about getting older. It means we’re more advanced, experienced, we’ve progressed.

That’s exactly where we’re at.. 

Why birthdays are so special

We’re counting down to Redesign Interiors’ birthday, and it’s only 2 months away! Another year to commemorate the positive impact we’re making on the way people live their lives. It’s exciting for us and it’s exciting for you because, as usual, we’re giving away birthday presents and introducing you to a new artist. 

When you’re looking for jewellery that’s different 

In fact, this month, we’re going to be complete rebels (are you surprised?) and we’re breaking the trend we’ve been following throughout our birthday campaign. 

We’re introducing you to an artist who isn’t directly tied to interior design or decor at all. We love artists who represent Africa and spread happy vibes. 

Imagine walking down the street wearing something completely unique. It’s textured and its shape creates an earthy yet modern look, fluid in that it blends with any style. It’s jewellery designed to represent the individual. 

Meet Nicola Savage, the creative behind Savage Jewellery.

Nicola behind the scenes

A true Durban delight, this artist decided on a creative career fresh out of school. After enrolling at DUT in fine art, she decided jewellery was her thing. In the end, she completed both her Fine Art Diploma and a Higher Diploma in Jewellery. 

Shortly after leaving the corporate sphere, Nicola started her own business. She wanted to pursue creating and designing elements of her own. Continuing the styles and ideas that were already in circulation failed to feed her creativity. And so, Savage Jewellery was born. It’s unique, modern, and trendy! Savage Jewellery will invite your inner gypsy to participate in even the most corporate outfits. 

Her jewellery

“Modern everyday jewellery with the underlying themes of shape and texture.”

Nicola finds inspiration for her creations in everyday life. “I love the city, the sounds, shapes, and textures, and fashion. I find inspiration in strange places. It could be how a building’s designed, or the way the windows are arranged. It could be the texture of a road or wall. The themes of my jewellery are shape and texture.” 

Her crystal-shaped earrings and necklaces are her own designs. They’re done in bronze, but this creative will take custom orders too. Some of the other highlights in her catalogue include her new Maasai earrings from the African Gypsy range. They’re statement earrings with a pop of colour. For men, interesting and true-to-Africa themes come through in cufflinks. Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces come in a variety of metals, textures, and shapes.

Jewellery design in SA

As with all things creative, South Africa is rising in the jewellery design world! 

We’re seeing more independent designers getting creative in public spaces. Out of the box murals, brighter colours and bold designs all speak for the space they occupy. 

“There are more opportunities to create interesting pieces in contemporary competitions and exhibitions. There are communities forming thanks to more independent designers popping up. There is more support for independent designers from all disciplines, at one point people were wanting what was overseas.”

If you’re keen to buy from a local artist, remember that originality and artistry have higher overheads. Purchasing from mass-produced lines and chain stores will always be cheaper. But, it’s less sustainable and it doesn’t support your local economy. Also, you’re sure to come across other people wearing the same items as you. 

Nicola when she’s not occupied by jewellery design 

“A good walk around the park is a great way to keep the endorphins flowing and gives

me an opportunity to zone out and make sense of what is going on in my head.

I enjoy cooking and baking; I make a great carrot cake. I dabble in crocheting in winter. Summer feels too hot to do it. I used to do ceramics which I enjoyed. The pieces I made were all functional, like bowls, jugs and planters. I guess it is like my jewellery, it’s made to be used. Art needs to have a purpose.”

Redesign Interiors and Nicola Savage’s jewellery design

As fellow creatives in South Africa, we’re excited to see these awesome South African jewellery designs succeed. Nicola Savage also lectures part-time at DUT. If you’re an aspiring jewellery designer, enrolling there will set you off to a good start.  

Birthdays and business

It’s only two more months until our birthday. Yes, we’re counting! As usual, nothing is ever ordinary or dull at Redesign Interiors. To celebrate this gem of an artist, she’s giving away a beautiful piece of Savage Jewellery! As before, simply follow the competition rules to enter. Connect with us on social media and enter the competition.