Learning there’s a difference between good and great happens early in life. Being given a chocolate is good, being given a chocolate cake is great. 

Differentiating between good and great becomes a little tricky as you get older, especially because the rules of the game change. 

Of chocolates, cakes, and professional interior designers

As an adult you’re not having to tell the difference between a chocolate and a chocolate cake anymore. 

Hiring a professional interior designer can sometimes feel like you’re having to choose between two similar candies you’ve never tasted. You have nothing but the the promise on the wrapper to tell you which one is going to be the best. 

Hire a great professional, but hire the right professional 

It wouldn’t matter quite so much if we were talking about actual candy. 

The fact that we’re talking about hiring a professional that will be creating the space you live in, makes it a bigger deal. 

Let’s identify the professions in the industry. 

Professional interior designers versus professional interior decorators 

Wait, there’s a difference? 

-Of course!

They both play a very important role, but be sure not to confuse them. You don’t hire a plumber to do an electrician’s job, even if it’s the best plumber. 

Interior decorating is focused on cosmetic aesthetics, working with the space as it is. Decorators will enhance a room by establishing a style and colour palette for it. They come in after the building process is complete, adding personality to the shell of a building as it is. Decorators are great if you want someone to sweep in and make your space fabulous, quickly. They’re also perfect for that cherry on top, when you have a great thing going but it’s going nowhere fast. 

Interior design is the beautiful marriage between architecture and decorating. Interior designers are qualified to work with floor space, creating the sense of flow that is best suited to the lifestyle and habits of its occupants. The function of the space is extremely important, as is aesthetics. Beauty and function are brought together to deliver something extraordinary. 

Achieving this requires a designer to:

  • Read construction plans
  • Coordinate function and aesthetics, creating a seamless interior that works beautifully and looks amazing
  • Project manage – from designing to insuring all designs are implemented correctly.

They’re best involved in a project from the start, working alongside the architect. Designers have to hold a qualification for the work they do. Their work involves lots of technical elements and  working with building plans. 

How to be sure you’re hiring a professional interior designer.

When hiring an interior designer, keep a few points in mind 

1. Remember that you can never distinguish a great service provider from a terrible one by comparing prices. Sure, great work will cost you, but that’s not to say that shoddy work isn’t also going to come with a quote that’s sky-high. 

2. Look at credentials – It seems obvious. When you’re meeting with interior designers, you assume they hold the credentials that validate their job title. If you are serious about hiring a professional, external governing bodies like the IID are great. Guilds and organisations are usually the best way to get assurance that you’re hiring a professional. Use their websites or referencing platforms to locate a professional in your area. You don’t want someone learning by trial and error in your home while they rack up a bill you could retire on. 

3. Ask for a portfolio if there’s no website. The degree and paperwork behind your designer tells you they’re capable, but who are they and what are they about? What projects have they completed in the past? This is where the portfolio or the website comes in handy.

What’s your inner vibe?

Professional interior designers are able to adapt their styles to each client, varying as needed. 

That said, find a designer who can give you something out of the ordinary, afterall, you are unique and your house should certainly reflect that. 

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