Warwick locke: architectural photographer

Can you believe it? We are another month closer to the big birthday, which brings us another month of celebrations. Redesign turns 7 this year, woohoo! We’re bringing you a new artist of the month, Warwick Locke, aaaand… we’re giving away a free gift that’s related to architectural photography to one of our followers, because you’re the best. 

Our immortalised designs

Redesign Interiors has been reimagining spaces since 2011. In that time, we’ve had the privilege of working alongside many gifted and experienced professionals in the industry. One of the important elements we need to remind ourselves to do, is to document our work. As creatives, it’s all too tempting to dive into the flow of the work and get swept away in it, forgetting all about architectural photography to keep a record of our achievements. But, we have found a gem among the pebbles of Durban. Warwick Locke is one of the professionals we like to team up with to create a visual library of the work we do. 

The beguiling architectural photography of Warwick Locke

His passion for capturing images started with wildlife, expressing his love for South Africa and its raw beauty. Later in life, he learned to appreciate the poetry in human ingenuity, which he expresses with his architectural photography. He then started photographing the architectural gems in the world of skyscrapers. He speaks with passion about buildings and design: “I love architecture, I love witnessing the creativity and progress so many of these modern buildings represent. Not the appalling homogenised dross we see in the regimented gated community buildings, but where the architects really let it fly.”

His love of design is what drives the artistic inclination he has. “I am inspired by good design, which for me means functionality and beauty. I love to watch, and capture where possible, designers either overcoming modern challenges shaping how we behave in our spaces. Two of my favourite fine art photographers are Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou, both of whom create their own narrative of a scene or building using light.” 

One of the buildings he feels particularly strong about is the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Duran, built to house the Fifa World Cup in 2010. Among the controversy surrounding the expenditure of this architectural giant, Warwick reminds us that there are times when we should appreciate the work of art for what it is. Even if the budget (arguably) wasn’t justified. “If the stadium represents achievement, creativity, beauty, and South African pride, then it was well worth it”.

Redesign and Warwick’s architectural photography

You can imagine our triumph when we discovered a architectural photographer with such an authoritative passion for buildings. That’s because, you know, we work with buildings all the time. He immortalises that brief moment when our design is immaculate. Warwick has taken most of the photos on our website, including our staff photos. We love that he offers such a variety of specialities, from wildlife photography, to design passion. He captures the feeling in the space.

Only 3 months to go to the BIG birthday! ?

The countdown continues! 3 months sounds like a bigger chunk than it actually is, watch, it will fly-by. We’re thrilled to be aging with so much grace, maturing better than a fine wine. The years have brought us wonderful experiences and crazy curveballs. We’ve had clients who have enriched our outlooks on business and life, vastly. In the end, we appreciate all these experiences. They all culminate into the kaleidoscope of creativity and productivity we bring to the table, and our clients love that too. ??Like we did with our previous artists, we’ll be giving our readers the opportunity to win a little birthday surprise. Join the party, we’re celebrating for 7 whole months. Connect with us on social media because you could win a free work of art, courtesy of Warwick Locke Photography. Sound good? Of course it does. Click Here